Freedom from Gout Pain

Did you want to know how I easily stop the inferno of gout pain with a simple relaxing technique?

The first time I tried it I could not believe the difference. I immediately put on my shoes and walked without searing pain.

And, boy, did I learn the hard way about gout pain. The first time it hit me I thought I had sprained my foot even though I could not remember injuring myself.

The pain got worse and worse and I became alarmed. My right big toe ballooned up, shiny red and angry at the slightest touch. It was like a whole hornet’s nest stinging inside my foot if the bed sheet even touched it, never mind trying to walk on it.

I am a strong active man, but gout left me whimpering on the couch, unwilling to move my foot even the slightest inch. When gout pain strikes, nothing else matters.

I went to the doctor, hobbling on a crutch because I could not walk without help. He had no trouble making the diagnosis instantly although he ran the test to be sure.

That was the beginning of pills and trying to control gout with my diet. At first the pills would quickly calm a gout attack, but they did not work as well as time went on.

Gout Information

Now, if you are new to dealing with gout, you probably need some basic information about gout. According to internet authorities, I am not supposed to send you away from this page, but the fact is I am going to do just that, because I want to help a fellow sufferer.

I wrote about the history of gout, diets for gout, and what the disease is. You can find links to these articles at the very end of this page after you finish reading this story.

So, to continue telling my struggles, I tried to avoid all the high purine foods, although they are some of my favorites. Still the ferocious attacks continued. The medication had to be changed, that is always the story of gout, no pill works for too long.

When I take the pills sometimes I feel fine after the furious pain in my foot quiets, but other times the pills themselves make me nauseous. Even after my foot is better I feel too sick to do much.

Diets That Don’t Work

And the diets, oh my. Avoiding all my favorite foods did not seem to help. Drinking gallons of black cherry juice did not seem to help. Alternative herbal supplements did not help.

Sometimes I just could not stand it anymore and I ate asparagus or something else on the forbidden list.

You know what? Sometimes that did not bother me at all. No attack even though I ate what I was not supposed to eat.

Other times, I continued eating my gout diet faithfully only to wake at 2 a.m. feeling like my foot was exploding because I had moved it in my sleep. A gout attack out of nowhere.

Gout has to be one of the most frustrating diseases ever. I could never tell what was going to happen with it.

Relief From Gout Pain

So if you have that same kind of unpredictable horrible pain too, you will be overjoyed I finally found a simple technique I can do for myself that gives immediate relief. Every time.

I have not thrown my pills away because we both know I will sure use them if I need to. Nobody wants to go through a gout attack without any pain relief.

But I tell you I have not needed to take a single gout pill since I started using this technique. My pill bottles are getting awfully dusty, just sitting there.

I could dance a jig, I am so happy! If you are wondering how I did this, read on.

I want to share with you the freedom I have found with this easy relaxing technique. I really wish I had found out sooner myself, but this technique has so little publicity it is almost a secret.

So I wrote a little ebook called Freedom from Gout Pain telling all about the story of my own experience. It is a short ebook, only 8 pages long, that you can download immediately and read now.

Order Freedom From Gout Pain Add to Cart

That is what ebook means, an electronic book, so it flies right into your computer as soon as you buy it and follow the easy download instructions. No need to wait for snail mail.

In Freedom from Gout Pain I get right to the point and describe everything it took for me to use this technique. No need to waste your time and mine with long winded yakking when the facts can be told straight away.

Freedom from Gout Pain only costs $24.95, which is cheaper than one trip to the doctor. Cheaper than all those pills. Cheaper than missing work days. Cheaper than, oh, heck, you get the idea.

$24.95 just isn’t very much money to hear how I found freedom from gout pain.

My Promise to You

I want to be sure you are completely comfortable with your order, so I guarantee your $24.95 back if you aren’t delighted with reading my experience of discovering freedom from gout pain.

I don’t mean a one week, two week or thirty day guarantee either, I am offering a full ninety day money back guarantee of your purchase price if you buy my ebook and are not completely thrilled with it!

You can just take your time to explore my writing without any pressure or risk, so go ahead and order Freedom from Gout Pain now.

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What? You are still reading this? Here I am taking all the risk for you because I know firsthand how much difference this technique makes. It means I got control of my life again and I tell you exactly how I did it.

I suppose you are waiting for the three pages of testimonials from people you never heard of telling how it worked for them. Sorry, I don’t have three pages of testimonials.

Why? Because this is my personal story, not that of other people. I have not even told anyone about it until I was sure it worked for me, time after time.

As I said, this technique is not really a secret, but so little publicity surrounds it, it might as well be. Yet, now when I talk to therapists who use this technique, they all tell me every single gout patient they know has had immediate relief using it. I wish I had known sooner.

When I first tried it I did not know anyone who had done it or any therapists who used it either. But I had heard it was supposed to be helpful for gout pain.

Fortunately, you don’t need a therapist to do it because it is not a medical procedure. You just need some simple equipment.

The First Time I Tried It

So I tried it myself. It worked far better than I had hoped and the process itself was painless.

At the time I was having a full blown attack. My pills had made me sick again a few days earlier, so I was trying not to take them. I decided to try this technique before having to take my meds again.

After briefly using the technique I was immediately able to put my shoes on and walk. I still limped a little, but the pain had gone from nuclear holocaust to a small campfire in only a few minutes. So I did not take any pills.

That evening I did the technique again. Then I could walk without limping. I slept well without pills and was fine in the morning. I repeated the technique once more just to be sure.

Since then my pill bottles have continued collecting dust. At the first sign of gout, I use the technique for a few minutes and then carry right on with my life. It is almost like not having gout at all!

How I Found Fast Relief From Gout Pain $24.95 Add to Cart

So what are you waiting for? More gout attacks? Try reading my risk free information and see what you think of my experience.

This is not another diet or another pill, but a simple easy to do technique that really works every time for me. I tell you everything about how I set it up in my own home, or how to use it elsewhere.

I find it hard to believe you are still weighing the alternatives. On the one hand, er, foot, all those uric acid crystals keep slicing away like knives inside our own flesh. On the other, uh, foot, we see happy comfortable feet.

Now there’s a tough choice, huh? So go ahead and order Freedom from Gout Pain now and see how I changed both my feet to happy feet!


J. D. Staack

P.S. Remember you have absolutely no risk with my ninety day money back guarantee, so why wait? It is time for Freedom from Gout Pain!

Stop Gout Pain Now $24.95

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